RSGB Academy Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions form the basis of the service that the RSGB Academy (the Academy) deliver to its members. On becoming a member of the RSGB Academy, you are automatically agreeing to these terms and conditions and you are providing us with the appropriate consent to handle your personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

The RSGB Academy is the professional development arm of Road Safety GB. In joining the RSGB Academy, members are part of a national network of multi-disciplinary practitioners who are all actively engaged in the delivery of road safety. Members work in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Membership is open to all applicants who are actively engaged in the delivery of evidence-led road safety interventions and meet the joining criteria outlined below.

Joining Criteria

Membership of the RSGB Academy is offered FREE of charge to:

  •  Local authority officers engaged in road safety activity whose employer is a corporate member of Road Safety GB, subject to the applicant meeting the membership criteria. A maximum of 10 free places are offered to any one local authority where applicants satisfy the membership criteria.
  • Road safety practitioners delivering services on behalf of a local authority through an outsourcing contract, subject to the applicant meeting the membership criteria. A maximum of 10 free places are offered to any one organisation where applicants satisfy the membership criteria.

Membership is also open to practitioners working in the private and voluntary sectors, as well as other select public sector organisations, such as the Police, Fire and Rescue and Health Authority, subject to applicants meeting the membership criteria. The cost of membership for these practitioners will be £35 per year, payable on or before the 1st April.

Membership Benefits

As a RSGB Academy member you will receive a wide range of benefits. A typical membership package may include:

  • Copies of the RSGB Monthly e-Newsletter, ‘Update’.
  • Full access to the RSGB Academy website through the use of a unique password.
  • Membership of an RSGB Academy local area network.
  • Discounts on RSGB Academy delivered academic and vocational training.
  • Access to a practical professional advice and support network.
  • Opportunities to share good practice with peers.
  • The opportunity to network remotely through an online help forum.
  • Access to a programme of professional online seminars.
  • Provision of a professional development training log.

The Academy reserves the right to change the benefits that apply to RSGB Academy membership at any time and without prior notice.

Academic, vocational or in-service training advertised on the RSGB website but delivered by external provider, will be subject to the provider’s own terms and conditions, and the Academy does not accept any liability for loss or damage suffered as a result of a fault, error or omission in the provision of these services.